Gladstone Regional Council

2011 to 2014

We’ve been working with Gladstone Regional Council for a number of years on a series of people and performance projects including:
  • Leadership Capabilities
  • Leadership Systems
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Re Launch Sessions
  • Change and Stress Management Interventions
  • Conflict Resolution and ‘Clear the Air Sessions’
  • Interpersonal Strategies
Gladstone Regional Council

CASE STUDY 2011-2014

Assignment Context & Period:

  • Amalgamation occurred in 2008 between the Gladstone city, Calliope & Miriam Vale Shires.
  • Disruptive legacy issues surrounding shifting leadership, changing teams & restructuring triggered a considerable range of interpersonal, interdepartmental & operational performance concerns.
  • After a drawn out Enterprise Bargaining process, MGA TRAINING were awarded the assignment to assess, design & deliver a range of educational & intervention based solutions between 2011 to 2014.

Assignment Brief & Contribution:

  • Directors, Coordinators, Managers, Supervisors, Gangers & Leading hands across all directorates were the key beneficiaries.
  • Help reconnect, realign, refocus & re enthuse business units across the council to deliver their KPI’s & services to the community with greater harmony, consistency & quality.
  • Intervene, assess, advise, coach & mentor leaders & their staff toward the development of high functioning galvanised teams.
  • Provide leaders & their teams with a platform of leadership, communication, interpersonal & coping strategies to enable the employee community to drive & thrive through significant change.

Presenting problems & concerns:

  • Lack of cohesion, poor morale & growing frustration.
  • Conflict, tension, grievances & disputes. Leadership time & energy immersed in handling escalating drama.
  • Ineffective leadership. Lacking capability & confidence to deal with an array of difficult & volatile matters.
  • Dramatic drop in work standards & rates of completion.
  • Increased customer complaints & unmanageable levels of CSR’s.
  • Excessive staff turn-over & steep rise in extended sick & stress leave.
  • Excessive strain on exhausted leadership & staff in scheduling work teams to complete back log of work.

Installations & Achievements

  • Completed a comprehensive employee feedback process, pinpointing development requirements & collating opinions on development & outcomes priorities. Established groundswell of support & buy in for the process.
  • Designed & delivered an extensive curriculum of skills programs, interventions & strategy events customised  to meet the unique people & performance challenges facing Gladstone Regional Council.
    1. Interpersonal IQ Skills Program. Connect, communicate & collaborate with mutual respect.
    2. Platform Leadership Strategy. A standard approach to coordinating expectations & behaviours.
    3. Situational Leadership Skills. Techniques to deal successfully with common workplace scenarios.
    4. Focus Group & Team Re Launch sessions. Aligning, refocusing, reconnecting & re energising teams.
    5. Interventions & “Clear Air” sessions. Resolving long term conflict, resentment & frustration.
    6. Stress reduction & Resilience Strategy program. Preserving wellbeing under stress & pressure.
  • Created a common language of leadership & interactions to guide interpersonal & leadership behaviours.
  • Empowered leaders & their crew to operate with more open, confident & safe exchange.
  • Solved long term bottle necks in productivity, particularly when related to relationship & moral issues.
  • Raised the capability of teams to plan, cooperate & overcome hurdles in order to deliver results.

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